In One Ear

In One Ear was, at times, Craig Ward on bass, Mark DeLeonardis on drums, Tom Penrod on noisy bits and vocals, Douglas Bland on guitar and vocals, Dave McFarren on sax, and Uri Wasserzug on violin. Yeah, it was just a dream, but we had some fun.

Kill it and Eat It


It was nearly 40 years ago, on January 7, 1978, that this recording was made. This is the earliest recorded evidence of an obsession with a mistress who has scarcely left any of us undisturbed for any length of time for in the 40 years since, so I thought it fitting, no matter how inconsequential to the greater current, that it be memorialized here. Cripes, I feel like I’m burying someone.

The group at this time was Craig, Mark, Tom and Doug. The illustrious Eddie Zepp was the producer and engineer. It was recorded in Mark’s parents’ basement in Bel Air, Maryland, on a standard 2-track cassette player with 2 Shure microphones hanging somewhere in the vicinity, The only processing utilized Doug’s stomp-box compressor, which is why the final product is so mono.

No serious attempt has been made to “clean up” this recording, other than some additional eq’ing and light compression. It wouldn’t do any good, anyhow. It was transferred from a Maxell C60 cassette, a tape that was nowhere near their top of the line product even 30 years ago. (Couldn’t we have gone out and bought something better?) The tape has only been sporadically played over the years, and it doesn’t sound half bad. I tried to do something about the hiss, but it took to much life out of it. ioe_tp

The Rest

There was another tune that we had written together, a rather ambitious thing called Blatant Steel. This version may have been a backing track to which we had planned to add extra parts as overdubs. These imaginary parts probably would have performed in later version Dave and/or Uri, although there are no tapes of that. I’m afraid you’ll just have to imagine them.

Then some cover tunes, which was frankly most of our repertoire. Here we also have the debut of Dave McFarren on sax.

Our apologies to any of the writers of this material, but this was long ago.

There were also a series of jams that were recorded on June 10-11, 1978. I tried to break these up in manageble bites, but they’re still large. Everytime I thought we were fizzling out, we jumped into something new.

ioe_dfdbI imagine these were recorded straight to some crappy old cassette deck that I used to own, using two Shure 545s, one of which I still have. Come to think of it, pretty much the way everything on this whole page was recorded. Tom and Craig are pretty well lost in these bits, and that guitar is way too loud. Typical guitarist. I did what I could in remixing these, but that wasn’t much. Pretty good drum sound though. How did we do that?